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Where Have The Flowers Gone/           2013

Where Have The Flowers Gone" is a participatory art installation created for the Museum Dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, situated in the outskirts of Rome and inhabited by a vibrant multicultural community. The installation, conceived by the artist with the aim of capturing the life force that permeates the location, draws inspiration from the rich universe of extraordinary stories and cultural differences that animate the surrounding space. The artist chose to create a secret garden, an intricate system of flowers hidden inside the museum building. This garden thus becomes a pulsating engine that reflects the complexity and diversity of the community it hosts. The artwork was realized with the participation of adults and children, residents and non-residents alike, offering a unique opportunity for people to come together. During the process of cutting and placing the paper flowers, like in an ancient and ancestral ritual, everyone gathered around the same table. This moment allowed people to get to know each other, engage in dialogue, and share their stories in an atmosphere of connection and collaboration.

Participatory art installation, Museum Dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, multicultural community, secret garden, paper flowers, community engagement, dialogue, collaboration, cultural diversity, connection, participated art, contemporary wall art installation, Contemporary art installation with paper flowers.

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