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   FRAGMENTA/           2012/2022

Fragmenta embodies a profound exploration of social dynamics, delving into the interplay between physical boundaries and collective space. By dismembering the epidermal integrity, the body transitions into an abstract element, inviting viewers to explore its relational nature within cultural and social connections.
Lattanzio's approach transcends traditional boundaries, offering a transformative narrative that merges form and concept into a work of "infinite nuclear fission." She aims to engage the viewer's senses, tapping into the synoptic view of fragmented elements to narrate the complexity of human existence.
In her aesthetic and conceptual methodology, Lattanzio pioneers an original vocabulary, exploring the authenticity of the human body beyond societal identification.
Fragmentation, artistic journey, fragmentation in art, Micaela Lattanzio's work, intricate layers, molecular consciousness, abstract representation, body, synoptic view, reality, human existence, self-expressive articulation, creative imagination, transformative power, contemporary art, contemporary art portrait, contemporary art portrait faces, contemporary art photography portrait, paper cut contemporary art, fragmentation of the self.

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