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Micaela Lattanzio was born in Rome in 1981, where she currently lives and works. She attended the Academy of fine Arts in Rome, graduating in 2005 with a thesis focused on anthropology. Micaela Lattanzio’s practice is related to the deepest relationship between human beings and nature. It was conceived by the idea that all the animated and inanimate matter is composed of molecular aggregates that underline the profound union of human beings to the whole universe. She brings back into her work the schemes of a perfect geometry to arouse in the viewer the relationship of "Biophilia" that is forgotten in the contemporary era. Her work starts from a descriptive photographic research of our reality which she transforms from a two- dimensional material into a three-dimensional matter which is the representation of a profound connection between micro and macrocosm. She uses several materials to realize her works such as paper, aluminium, PVC. Conceived from a detailed manual photo or painting cropping, Micaela Lattanzio’s work consists of thousands small pieces that shaped an intricate mosaic through which the artist deconstructs the image that later reassembles, giving to faces, bodies and natural elements a new logical visual that follows an incredible creative patterns. "In her aesthetic and conceptual characteristics Micaela Lattanzio composes an unpublished vocabulary, she de-structures the real in order to explore a narrative dimension that goes beyond the epidermis, a research focused on bodies where form and concept come together into a work that no longer belongs to a unit of social identification, but that is the principle of an "infinite nuclear fission".

Selected group exhibitions: Iron Symbols at the Muspac of L'Aquila, Global Imprint at the

Isa Istituto Antincendio di Roma, Donne di Colore presented at Torre dei Lambardi in

Magione, Confronti / Poredenja at Kinoteka Jugoslavenska in Belgrade, Visions of Gaia at

the Cloister of San Francesco in Monsampolo, When we dream We Are All Creators at

Horti Sallustiani in Rome, Every Body Talks at Mattatoio Rome organized by IULM


In 2014, she won the special jury award Zingarelli entitled "Silent Tales". The site-specific

interventions are a further expressive dimension of Micaela Lattanzio.

Selected installation projects: Maam, Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of

Metropoliz, Royal Caribbean collection, a public intervention in Poland (Poznan) and a

permanent installation at San Domenico in Taranto.

The artist has exhibited her latest production at Context Art Miami and Barcu art Fair in

Bogota, Colombia.



Solo show


Corpus Imago, EmmeOtto Arte, Palazzo Taverna,  curated by Alessia Carlino, Rome

Fragmenta/ A Journey Beyond The body, Cà D'Oro Gallery, New York





Fragmenta , Bi Box Art Space, Biella, curated by Irene Finiguerra

SandCloud site specific installation “6di Sabbia”, Spazio Y, Rome, curated by Alessia Carlino

Fragmenta_retrospezioni visuali, Ma’ Showroom gallery, Monteflaco (Pg), curated by Alessia



Where have the flower gone, site specific installation,MAAM, Rome, curated by Giorgio de Finis

Dimensioni parallele e vie di fuga, WM Weekend only contemporary art gallery, Rome, curated by Giorgio de Finis


Urban / scenarios and characters of the third millennium, Elsa Morante cultural centre, Rome, curated by Pier Luigi Manieri


Dimensioni primarie, American Academy (CEA), Curated by Alicia Martinez, Madrid

Group exhibitions


Ex_Tra Project, Exhibition on the historic buildings of Rome, Gruppo Pouchain, curated by Chiara Nicolini, Rome

Summer Group Exhibition, Cà D'Oro Gallery , New York


Art Fair Roma arte In nuvola, Galleria Emme8, Rome


Oltre I confini, Museo Marca, works in residence at Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo, Catanzaro

Barcù Art fair, Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, Bogotà

CHICAS*Chicas*chicas, Elvira Moreno Gallery, curated by Franklin Aguirre, Bogotà

Summer Group Exhibition, Cà D'Oro Gallery , New York

Art New York Fair, Cà D'Oro Gallery, New York

Introspective Window, Emmeotto Arte, Palazzo Taverna, curated by Valentina Luzi, Rome

Art Lima, LGM Gallery, Lima


Raid- Hotel Caselle, Bologna, curated by Fat Studio

The Art of The Party/ 1Hotel, Miami, curated by Gloria Porcella, Rochebobois

Context Art Miami, LGM Gallery and Elvira Moreno, Miami

Every Body Talks, Museo Mattatoio di Roma, curated by Master Marac, IULM, promoted Terzo

Pilastro Foundation

Barcu Feria, LGM Gallery and Elvira Moreno, Bogotà

SandCloud/ Public Scape Taranto, Ex Convento di San Domenico, Taranto, curated by Eccom,

Bocche del Vento, promoted Con Il Sud Augeo

Summer Group Exhibition, Ca D'Oro Gallery New York, New York, curated by Gloria Porcella


Open Day, Dynamo Art Factory, Limestre

Raid, Istituto Sandro Pertini, Torino, curated by Fat Studio

25/28, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte Contemporanea, Milano

Poredenja, Jugoslovenska Kinoteka, Belgrado, Curated by Alessia Carlino

Donne di colore, Torre dei Lambardi, Magione, curated by Giorgio De Finis

Art Market Hamptons, Bridghampton Museum, New York Galleria Ca' D'oro


Context Art Miami, Ca' D'oro Gallery, curated by Gloria Porcella

Grand Opening, Ca' D'oro Gallery, Miami, curated by Gloria Porcella

Any Given Book, White Noise gallery, Rome, curated by Eleonora Aloise and Carlo Maria Ghetti

Visioni di Gaia, Ex Cloister Saint Francis, Monsampaolo curated by Lucia Zappacosta

Prologue, Spazio MR, Rome, curated by Alessia Carlino

Crash Taste, Spazio MR, Rome, curated by Alessia Carlino and Il Sole 24 Ore Master

Incipit, Studio Evolve, Bologna, curated by Irene Finiguerra

Costellazioni, Setup Art fair, Bi Box Gallery Booth, Bologna Curated by Irene Finiguerra


When we dream We Are All Creators, SandCloud Installation, Horti sallustiani, Rome, curated by Diego -Buongiorno

No Parking, Ca' D'oro gallery NY and Wop Gallery, New York, Curated by Giuseppe Ruffo and Anna Di Falco

Insieme/Together MAAM artists, City Of Art, Pistoletto Foundantion, Biella, curated by Giorgio De Finis

Setup Art Fair, 3)5 Artecontemporanea Gallery booth, Curated by Ilde Cavaterra


Manualmente, site specific installation, villa Guglielmi, curated by Silvia Calvarese and Sandro Polo, Fiumicino.

Silenziosi Racconti, Rocca delle Macie art Zingarelli art prize, curated by Simona Gavioli, Castellina in Chianti

10X10 artist, Bonte Zwan, curated by Edith Edith Brower, Amsterdam

Setup, Vulcano3)5 Artecontemporanea Gallery booth, Bologna curated by Ilde Mauri, Bologna

Il Museo sulla Luna, Interno 14, Roma curated by Giorgio De Finis


Re-birth day at MAAM, curated by Giorgio de Finis, Rome

Censured, Visiva, curated by Giorgio de Finis, Ilaria Caravaglio and Chirs Fuzzy, Rome

Presentation of  ARIA Magazine, Wunderkammern galley, curated by Giorgio de Finis, Rome

“10X10”, Atelier open, Amsterdam, curated by Edith Browe

The Icons, music legend, Artfactory Fair, curated by  Arionte, Catania

Disco Days, 10th edition of “music and records fair”, curated by  Arionte, Naples

Connessioni Liquide, MondrianSuite, curated by Raffaele Soligo, Rome


Mondi Lontanissimi/Fantafestival, Elsa Morante cultural space, curated by Pier Luigi Manieri and Raffaele Soligo, Rome


Erosione e Rinascita del Pianeta GAIA, “ Plexus”, Elsa Morante cultural space, curated by  Micaela Serino, Raffaello Paiella and Roberto Maria Federici, Rome


Babel, 999gallery, curated by Raffaele Soligo, Rome


Art Meeting, Vittoria theatre, curated by Angela Pasqua, Rome

Amodanea 2009, Museum centre, curated by Giandomenico Negroni, Macerata


“Impronta Globale”, ISA institute, curated by Daniele Arzenta and Giorgia Calò, Rome

Falce e Martello, i simboli di ferro, Muspac,L’Aquila Museum, curated by Giorgia Calò , L’Aquila

Scanning, Studio Soligo, Rome, curated by Stefano Elena

La grande madre, Orsini Chapel, Rome, curated by Roberto Lucifero


Farnesina ,installation, Sagome 547, curated by Domenico Giglio, Rome

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, installation of Sagome 547, curated by Domenico Giglio


Arte Involontaria, La Porta Blu gallery, Rome, curated by Tiziana Musi


Contemporary Art, La Pigna Gallery, Rome


2013-Winner at  Zingarelli prize, curated by Simona Gavioli

Artistic residences

2019- Fondazione Rocco Guglielmo, Catanzaro

2018 – Public Scape Taranto, Taranto

2017- Dynamo Camp project, Limestre

2013- Zingarelli Prize, Castellina in chianti


Special Project – Site specific installation (public commissions)

6 installation for the Royal Caribbean contemporary art collection, curated by Peter&Millards Partners

Site specif installation in Poznan, Poland, curated by Galerie 208 (Paris)

Books Publications


Arte (Eventualmente) Femminile, Anna Maria Panzera, Veronica Montanino, publishing Bordeaux

Fragmenta: Book cover project , Cyber Sexy, Richa Kaul Padte, publishing Penguin House

Fragmenta personal Portrait: Book Cover Project, Shame is An Ocean I Swim Across, Mary Lamber, publishing Mac Millan

A Big Important Art Book ( For Woman) , Danielle Krysa, publishing Running Press


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